Geophysical Inversion and Modelling Library  v1.4.6
GIMLI::LinSolver Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 LinSolver (bool verbose=false)
 LinSolver (RSparseMatrix &S, bool verbose=false)
 LinSolver (RSparseMapMatrix &S, bool verbose=false)
 LinSolver (CSparseMatrix &S, bool verbose=false)
 LinSolver (RSparseMatrix &S, SolverType solverType, bool verbose=false)
 LinSolver (CSparseMatrix &S, SolverType solverType, bool verbose=false)
RVector operator() (const RVector &rhs)
CVector operator() (const CVector &rhs)
void solve (const RVector &rhs, RVector &solution)
void solve (const CVector &rhs, CVector &solution)
RVector solve (const RVector &rhs)
CVector solve (const CVector &rhs)
void setSolverType (SolverType solverType=AUTOMATIC)
void setMatrix (RSparseMatrix &S, int stype=-2)
void setMatrix (CSparseMatrix &S, int stype=-2)
SolverType solverType () const
std::string solverName () const

Protected Member Functions

void init_ ()
void initialize_ (RSparseMatrix &S, int stype)
void initialize_ (CSparseMatrix &S, int stype)

Protected Attributes

SolverType solverType_
bool verbose_
uint rows_
uint cols_

Member Function Documentation

◆ setMatrix() [1/2]

void GIMLI::LinSolver::setMatrix ( CSparseMatrix S,
int  stype = -2 

Verbose level = -1, use Linsolver.verbose().

◆ setMatrix() [2/2]

void GIMLI::LinSolver::setMatrix ( RSparseMatrix S,
int  stype = -2 

Forwarded to the wrapper to overwrite settings within S. stype =-2 -> use S.stype()