Geophysical Inversion and Modelling Library  v1.4.1-6-gca226193
GIMLI::TriangleWrapper Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 TriangleWrapper (const Mesh &inMesh)
 TriangleWrapper (const Mesh &inMesh, Mesh &outMesh, const std::string &triSwitches)
virtual ~TriangleWrapper ()
void setSwitches (const std::string &s)
const std::string & switches () const
void generate (Mesh &mesh)
Mesh generate ()

Protected Member Functions

void init_ ()
void transformTriangleToMesh_ (const triangulateio &trimesh, Mesh &mesh)
void transformMeshToTriangle_ (const Mesh &mesh, triangulateio &trimesh)
void allocateOutMemory_ ()
void freeMemory_ ()

Protected Attributes

struct triangulateio * mesh_input_
struct triangulateio * mesh_output_
struct triangulateio * mesh_voronoi_output_
std::string switches_
const MeshinMesh_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TriangleWrapper() [1/2]

GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::TriangleWrapper ( const Mesh inMesh)

Construct a PLC from nodes and edges in inMesh and initialize the trianglewrapper. Add region and hole marker later.

References init_().

◆ TriangleWrapper() [2/2]

GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::TriangleWrapper ( const Mesh inMesh,
Mesh outMesh,
const std::string &  triSwitches 

Constructor initialize with input mesh (nodes and edges where used for input and also region marker, if added to the mesh) and generate the 2d mesh with corresponding triSwitches

References generate(), and init_().

◆ ~TriangleWrapper()

GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::~TriangleWrapper ( )

Default destructur

References freeMemory_().

Member Function Documentation

◆ allocateOutMemory_()

void GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::allocateOutMemory_ ( )

For internal use only.

Referenced by generate(), and init_().

◆ freeMemory_()

void GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::freeMemory_ ( )

For internal use only.

Referenced by generate(), and ~TriangleWrapper().

◆ generate() [1/2]

Mesh GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::generate ( )

Generate and return the new mesh.

Referenced by TriangleWrapper().

◆ generate() [2/2]

void GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::generate ( Mesh mesh)

Generate the mesh and store in mesh.

References allocateOutMemory_(), freeMemory_(), transformMeshToTriangle_(), and transformTriangleToMesh_().

◆ init_()

void GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::init_ ( )

For internal use only.

References allocateOutMemory_().

Referenced by TriangleWrapper().

◆ setSwitches()

void GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::setSwitches ( const std::string &  s)

Set the triangle commandline switches

◆ switches()

const std::string& GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::switches ( ) const

Return the triangle switches.

◆ transformMeshToTriangle_()

void GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::transformMeshToTriangle_ ( const Mesh mesh,
triangulateio &  trimesh 

For internal use only. Only Edges and nodes(x,y) from mesh are used.

References GIMLI::MeshEntity::center(), GIMLI::Mesh::holeMarker(), and GIMLI::BaseEntity::id().

Referenced by generate().

◆ transformTriangleToMesh_()

void GIMLI::TriangleWrapper::transformTriangleToMesh_ ( const triangulateio &  trimesh,
Mesh mesh 

For internal use only.

References GIMLI::Mesh::clear().

Referenced by generate().