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GIMLI::FDEM1dModelling Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FDEM1dModelling (size_t nlay, const RVector &freqs, const RVector &coilspacing, double z=0.0, bool verbose=false)
 default constructor creating a block model
 FDEM1dModelling (size_t nlay, const RVector &freqs, double coilspacing, double z=0.0, bool verbose=false)
void init ()
virtual RVector response (const RVector &model)
const RVectorfreeAirSolution () const
RVector calc (const RVector &rho, const RVector &thk)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::ModellingBase
 ModellingBase (bool verbose=false)
 ModellingBase (DataContainer &dataContainer, bool verbose=false)
 ModellingBase (const Mesh &mesh, bool verbose=false)
 ModellingBase (const Mesh &mesh, DataContainer &dataContainer, bool verbose=false)
void setVerbose (bool verbose)
bool verbose () const
virtual RVector response_mt (const RVector &model, Index i=0) const
RVector operator() (const RVector &model)
void setData (DataContainer &data)
DataContainerdata () const
virtual RVector createDefaultStartModel ()
virtual RVector startModel ()
virtual void setStartModel (const RVector &startModel)
void setMesh (const Mesh &mesh, bool ignoreRegionManager=false)
Meshmesh ()
void createRefinedForwardMesh (bool refine=true, bool pRefine=false)
void deleteMesh ()
virtual void setJacobian (MatrixBase *J)
virtual void createJacobian (const RVector &model)
virtual void createJacobian (const RVector &model, const RVector &resp)
virtual void createJacobian_mt (const RVector &model, const RVector &resp)
virtual void initJacobian ()
MatrixBasejacobian ()
MatrixBasejacobian () const
virtual RMatrixjacobianRef () const
virtual RMatrixjacobianRef ()
virtual void clearJacobian ()
virtual void setConstraints (MatrixBase *C)
virtual void clearConstraints ()
virtual void initConstraints ()
virtual void createConstraints ()
virtual MatrixBaseconstraints ()
virtual MatrixBaseconstraints () const
virtual RSparseMapMatrixconstraintsRef () const
virtual RSparseMapMatrixconstraintsRef ()
const RMatrixsolution () const
void mapModel (const RVector &model, double background=0)
RVector createMappedModel (const RVector &model, double background=-9e99) const
void setRegionManager (RegionManager *reg)
const RegionManagerregionManager () const
RegionManagerregionManager ()
RegionManagerregionManagerRef ()
bool verbose ()
Regionregion (int marker)
RVector createStartModel ()
RVector createStartVector ()
void initRegionManager ()
void setThreadCount (Index nThreads)
Index threadCount ()
void setMultiThreadJacobian (Index nThreads)
Index multiThreadJacobian () const

Protected Attributes

size_t nlay_
RVector freqs_
RVector coilspacing_
double zs_
double ze_
size_t nfr_
RVector freeAirSolution_
- Protected Attributes inherited from GIMLI::ModellingBase
bool ownJacobian_
bool ownConstraints_
RMatrix solutions_
RVector startModel_
bool verbose_
bool regionManagerInUse_
bool ownRegionManager_
Index nThreads_
Index nThreadsJacobian_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::ModellingBase
virtual void init_ ()
virtual void deleteMeshDependency_ ()
virtual void updateMeshDependency_ ()
virtual void updateDataDependency_ ()
void setMesh_ (const Mesh &mesh, bool update=true)

Detailed Description

Frequency domain electromagnetic (FDEM) sounding using a block discretization

FDEM1dModelling(nlay, RVector freq, coilspacing [, elevation, verbose ])

Member Function Documentation

◆ freeAirSolution()

const RVector& GIMLI::FDEM1dModelling::freeAirSolution ( ) const

Return reference to the freeAirSolution. This will be automatic filled by and init() call during instance construction.