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GIMLI::Edge Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Edge (Node &n1, Node &n2)
 Edge (const std::vector< Node * > &nodes)
virtual uint dim () const
virtual uint rtti () const
virtual std::vector< PolynomialFunction< double > > createShapeFunctions () const
void setNodes (Node &n1, Node &n2)
int swap ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::Boundary
 Boundary (const std::vector< Node * > &nodes)
virtual uint parentType () const
virtual RVector3 rst (uint i) const
const CellleftCell () const
CellleftCell ()
const CellrightCell () const
CellrightCell ()
void setLeftCell (Cell *cell)
void setRightCell (Cell *cell)
virtual RVector3 norm () const
virtual RVector3 norm (const Cell &cell) const
bool normShowsOutside (const Cell &cell) const
void swapNorm ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::MeshEntity
 MeshEntity ()
virtual ~MeshEntity ()
virtual void setNodes (const std::vector< Node * > &nodes)
const std::vector< Node *> & nodes () const
Nodenode (uint i)
Nodenode (uint i) const
uint nodeCount () const
Shapeshape ()
Shapeshape () const
ShapepShape ()
RVector3 rst (uint i) const
RVector3 center () const
double size () const
virtual double attribute () const
IndexArray ids () const
virtual RVector N (const RVector3 &rst) const
virtual void N (const RVector3 &rst, RVector &n) const
virtual RVector dNdL (const RVector3 &rst, uint i) const
virtual RMatrix dNdL (const RVector3 &rst) const
double pot (const RVector3 &p, const RVector &u) const
RVector3 vec (const RVector3 &p, const std::vector< RVector3 > &v) const
RVector3 grad (const RVector3 &p, const RVector &u) const
void setUxCache (const RMatrix &mat) const
const RMatrixuxCache () const
void addSecondaryNode (Node *n)
void delSecondaryNode (Node *n)
const std::vector< Node *> & secondaryNodes () const
const std::vector< Node *> allNodes () const
Index allNodeCount () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::BaseEntity
 BaseEntity (const BaseEntity &ent)
BaseEntityoperator= (const BaseEntity &ent)
virtual bool valid () const
virtual void setValid (bool valid)
int id () const
void setId (int id)
void setMarker (int marker)
int marker () const
void setTagged (bool tagged)
void untag ()
void tag ()
bool tagged () const


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &str, const Edge &e)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::Boundary
void registerNodes_ ()
void deRegisterNodes_ ()
 Boundary (const Boundary &bound)
Boundaryoperator= (const Boundary &boundary)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::MeshEntity
void fillShape_ ()
 MeshEntity (const MeshEntity &ent)
MeshEntityoperator= (const MeshEntity &ent)
- Protected Attributes inherited from GIMLI::Boundary
- Protected Attributes inherited from GIMLI::MeshEntity
std::vector< Node *> nodeVector_
std::vector< Node *> secondaryNodes_
RMatrix uxCache_
- Protected Attributes inherited from GIMLI::BaseEntity
int id_
bool valid_
int marker_
bool tagged_

Member Function Documentation

◆ dim()

virtual uint GIMLI::Edge::dim ( ) const

Return the dimension for this MeshEntity.

Reimplemented from GIMLI::MeshEntity.

◆ rtti()

virtual uint GIMLI::Edge::rtti ( ) const

Return the runtime identification for this MeshEntity.

Reimplemented from GIMLI::Boundary.

Reimplemented in GIMLI::Edge3.

◆ swap()

int GIMLI::Edge::swap ( )

Swap edge between two triangular neighbor cells. Only defined if both neighbors are triangles.

References GIMLI::BaseEntity::id(), and GIMLI::Cell::oppositeTo().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  str,
const Edge e 

See ref MeshEntity::N()