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GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DCMultiElectrodeModelling (bool verbose=false)
 DCMultiElectrodeModelling (Mesh &mesh, bool verbose=false)
 DCMultiElectrodeModelling (DataContainerERT &dataContainer, bool verbose=false)
 DCMultiElectrodeModelling (Mesh &mesh, DataContainerERT &dataContainer, bool verbose=false)
void assembleStiffnessMatrixDCFEMByPass (RSparseMatrix &S)
void assembleStiffnessMatrixDCFEMByPass (CSparseMatrix &S)
virtual void createJacobian (const RVector &model)
virtual void createConstraints ()
DataContainerERTdataContainer () const
virtual RVector createDefaultStartModel ()
void mapERTModel (const CVector &model, Complex background)
void mapERTModel (const RVector &model, double background)
virtual RVector response (const RVector &model)
RVector response (const RVector &model, double background)
void createCurrentPattern (std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eA, std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eB, bool reciprocity)
virtual void calculate (DataMap &dMap)
virtual void calculate (DataContainerERT &data, bool reciprocity=false)
virtual void calculate (const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eA, const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eB)
virtual void calculateK (const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eA, const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eB, RMatrix &solutionK, int kIdx)
virtual void calculateK (const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eA, const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eB, CMatrix &solutionK, int kIdx)
template<class ValueType >
void calculateKAnalyt (const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eA, const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eB, Matrix< ValueType > &solutionK, double k, int kIdx) const
void setTopography (bool topography)
bool topography () const
bool neumann () const
void setComplex (bool c)
bool complex () const
void setDipoleCurrentPattern (bool dipole)
bool dipoleCurrentPattern () const
void setAnalytical (bool ana)
bool analytical () const
void collectSubPotentials (RMatrix &subSolutions)
const std::map< Index, Index > & currentPatternIdxMap () const
void setBypassMapFile (const std::string &fileName)
void setkValues (const RVector &v)
const RVectorkValues () const
void setWeights (const RVector &v)
const RVectorweights () const
const std::vector< ElectrodeShape *> & electrodes () const
void setContactImpedances (const RVector &zi)
virtual RVector calcGeometricFactor (const DataContainerERT &data, Index nModel=0)
virtual void preCalculate (const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eA, const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eB)
void setSingValue (bool s=true)
bool isSetSingValue () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::ModellingBase
 ModellingBase (bool verbose=false)
 ModellingBase (DataContainer &dataContainer, bool verbose=false)
 ModellingBase (const Mesh &mesh, bool verbose=false)
 ModellingBase (const Mesh &mesh, DataContainer &dataContainer, bool verbose=false)
void setVerbose (bool verbose)
bool verbose () const
virtual RVector response_mt (const RVector &model, Index i=0) const
RVector operator() (const RVector &model)
void setData (DataContainer &data)
DataContainerdata () const
virtual RVector startModel ()
virtual void setStartModel (const RVector &startModel)
void setMesh (const Mesh &mesh, bool ignoreRegionManager=false)
Meshmesh ()
void createRefinedForwardMesh (bool refine=true, bool pRefine=false)
void deleteMesh ()
virtual void setJacobian (MatrixBase *J)
virtual void createJacobian (const RVector &model, const RVector &resp)
virtual void createJacobian_mt (const RVector &model, const RVector &resp)
virtual void initJacobian ()
MatrixBasejacobian ()
MatrixBasejacobian () const
virtual RMatrixjacobianRef () const
virtual RMatrixjacobianRef ()
virtual void clearJacobian ()
virtual void setConstraints (MatrixBase *C)
virtual void clearConstraints ()
virtual void initConstraints ()
virtual MatrixBaseconstraints ()
virtual MatrixBaseconstraints () const
virtual RSparseMapMatrixconstraintsRef () const
virtual RSparseMapMatrixconstraintsRef ()
const RMatrixsolution () const
void mapModel (const RVector &model, double background=0)
RVector createMappedModel (const RVector &model, double background=-9e99) const
void setRegionManager (RegionManager *reg)
const RegionManagerregionManager () const
RegionManagerregionManager ()
RegionManagerregionManagerRef ()
bool verbose ()
Regionregion (int marker)
RVector createStartModel ()
RVector createStartVector ()
void initRegionManager ()
void setThreadCount (Index nThreads)
Index threadCount ()
void setMultiThreadJacobian (Index nThreads)
Index multiThreadJacobian () const

Protected Member Functions

template<class ValueType >
void calculateK_ (const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eA, const std::vector< ElectrodeShape * > &eB, Matrix< ValueType > &solutionK, int kIdx)
template<class ValueType >
void assembleStiffnessMatrixDCFEMByPass_ (SparseMatrix< ValueType > &S)
template<class ValueType >
DataMap response_ (const Vector< ValueType > &model, ValueType background)
template<class ValueType >
Matrix< ValueType > * prepareJacobianT_ (const Vector< ValueType > &model)
RMatrixprepareJacobian_ (const RVector &model)
CMatrixprepareJacobian_ (const CVector &model)
void createJacobian_ (const RVector &model, const RMatrix &u, RMatrix *J)
void createJacobian_ (const CVector &model, const CMatrix &u, CMatrix *J)
virtual void deleteMeshDependency_ ()
virtual void updateMeshDependency_ ()
virtual void updateDataDependency_ ()
virtual void searchElectrodes_ ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GIMLI::ModellingBase
void setMesh_ (const Mesh &mesh, bool update=true)

Protected Attributes

bool complex_
bool JIsRMatrix_
bool JIsCMatrix_
bool analytical_
bool topography_
bool neumannDomain_
bool subpotOwner_
bool lastIsReferenz_
bool setSingValue_
std::string byPassFile_
RVector kValues_
RVector weights_
double surfaceZ_
IndexArray calibrationSourceIdx_
IndexArray bypassNodeIdx_
std::vector< ElectrodeShape *> electrodes_
std::vector< ElectrodeShape *> passiveCEM_
RVector3 sourceCenterPos_
bool buildCompleteElectrodeModel_
bool dipoleCurrentPattern_
std::map< Index, Index > currentPatternIdxMap_
RMatrix potentialsCEM_
RVector vContactImpedance_
- Protected Attributes inherited from GIMLI::ModellingBase
bool ownJacobian_
bool ownConstraints_
RMatrix solutions_
RVector startModel_
bool verbose_
bool regionManagerInUse_
bool ownRegionManager_
Index nThreads_
Index nThreadsJacobian_

Member Function Documentation

◆ assembleStiffnessMatrixDCFEMByPass()

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::assembleStiffnessMatrixDCFEMByPass ( RSparseMatrix S)

Assemble bypasses into the system matrix, i.e., defined shorting circuits that my be useful in some cases, e.g., long electrodes. You can provide a file '' in your your working path.
This can be overwritten by setting a alternative name for the bypass maps. setBypassMapFile.
Nodes with a marker leq than -10000 will be recognized and combined into a single bypass electrode with bypass resistance 1e-6 Ohm between the first and all other nodes.
You can provide a file in the working path to specify the bypass resistance in Ohm for all bypass nodes. e.g, -10000 resistance -10001 resistance

References GIMLI::MeshEntity::center(), GIMLI::MatrixBase::clear(), GIMLI::Mesh::dim(), GIMLI::Mesh::findNodesIdxByMarker(), GIMLI::Mesh::haveData(), searchElectrodes_(), and setComplex().

◆ calculate()

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::calculate ( DataMap dMap)

◆ complex()

bool GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::complex ( ) const

Return true if the valuetype is complex.

Referenced by response().

◆ createDefaultStartModel()

RVector GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::createDefaultStartModel ( )

Essential for abstract class ModellingBase, This method will run by startModel() if no startmodel vector is predefined.

Reimplemented from GIMLI::ModellingBase.

References GIMLI::Vector< ValueType >::fill(), and GIMLI::DataContainer::get().

◆ createJacobian()

◆ currentPatternIdxMap()

const std::map< Index, Index >& GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::currentPatternIdxMap ( ) const

Return dipole current pattern map. corresponds to < CurrentPattern,Idx of Potentialmatrix >

◆ dipoleCurrentPattern()

bool GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::dipoleCurrentPattern ( ) const

Return if dipole current pattern is used.

◆ isSetSingValue()

bool GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::isSetSingValue ( ) const

Return true if singular value estimation is switched on.

◆ mapERTModel() [1/2]

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::mapERTModel ( const CVector model,
Complex  background 

Map resistivity model to the cell attributes for further calculation. Default is resistivity=model[cell.marker()]. Empty cells will set to background or prolongated for background==-9e99. If model size equals the mesh().cellCount() then the values are just copied. i.e., resistivity=model[].

References GIMLI::ModellingBase::createMappedModel(), and GIMLI::setComplexResistivities().

Referenced by createJacobian(), mapERTModel(), and prepareJacobianT_().

◆ mapERTModel() [2/2]

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::mapERTModel ( const RVector model,
double  background 

Map resistivity model to the cell attributes for further calculation. Default is resistivity=model[cell.marker()]. Empty cells will set to background or prolongated for background==-9e99. If model size equals the mesh().cellCount() then the values are just copied. i.e., resistivity=model[].

References calculate(), mapERTModel(), and GIMLI::Mesh::setCellAttributes().

◆ prepareJacobianT_()

◆ response() [1/2]

virtual RVector GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::response ( const RVector model)

Calculate response for a given resistivity model. Either cell based or marker based. See mapERTModel

Reimplemented from GIMLI::ModellingBase.

References response().

Referenced by response().

◆ response() [2/2]

RVector GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::response ( const RVector model,
double  background 

◆ searchElectrodes_()

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::searchElectrodes_ ( )

!** match the known electrode to list of electrodes from the datacontainer

!** For 2d-problems we have to check if xy or xz coordinates are given !** only xy is valid so it is necessary to swap the coordinates

References GIMLI::Vector< ValueType >::clear(), GIMLI::Mesh::dim(), GIMLI::Pos::dist(), GIMLI::Mesh::findCell(), GIMLI::Mesh::findNodesIdxByMarker(), GIMLI::DataContainer::sensorCount(), GIMLI::DataContainer::sensorPositions(), GIMLI::y(), and GIMLI::z().

Referenced by assembleStiffnessMatrixDCFEMByPass(), createJacobian(), and prepareJacobianT_().

◆ setAnalytical()

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::setAnalytical ( bool  ana)

Force analytical calculation.

Referenced by prepareJacobianT_().

◆ setBypassMapFile()

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::setBypassMapFile ( const std::string &  fileName)

Provide a file with a list of pairs:
electrodeID electrodeID resistance
nodeMarker resistance
that are short circuited.

◆ setComplex()

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::setComplex ( bool  c)

Force complex resistivity calculation if it not set in prior to the mesh.

Referenced by assembleStiffnessMatrixDCFEMByPass().

◆ setDipoleCurrentPattern()

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::setDipoleCurrentPattern ( bool  dipole)

Use dipole-current pattern instead of default pol-current pattern. The needed current pattern are collected from the data container. Note, that is different to calculate with reference electrode since this can be also handled as pol-current pattern while data collection. If use dipole-current the reciprocity data collection is disabled.

◆ setSingValue()

void GIMLI::DCMultiElectrodeModelling::setSingValue ( bool  s = true)

Estimate singular value for the calulated potential if the source electrode position lies on an node.